The locking system
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Start living smarter today and discover the versatility of this unique locking system!

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Simple. Flexible. Smart.

blueCompact is one of the first locking systems that can be started by app. This makes configuration easier, more individual and more flexible for you to carry out yourself – even at a later time. After installation, you will benefit on the long term from full control and an overview of the entire locking system. 

This makes blueCompact not only ideal for smart homes, but also for small, forward-looking businesses.

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“blueCompact grows along with my company. I don’t have to make any firm decisions; I can stay flexible."

Stephanie S., entrepreneur


Clever system with smart operation

In blueCompact, you will find a new form of technological intelligence, combined with maximum convenience and user-friendliness. It is one of the first  locking systems allowing you to use an app to operate all processes, authorisations and changes directly from your smartphone or tablet - all you need is the master key.

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Lost a key?
Presto! Blocked.

With blueCompact, lost keys will no longer pose a security risk. Thanks to management via app and master key, they can be blocked immediately – and it’s virtually impossible to copy the key without authorisation. Troublesome replacement of all cylinders and keys is thus a thing of the past.


No worries, no cloud.

Unlike other systems, the blueCompact locking system is not cloud-based. All data is saved centrally on the key itself. It is encrypted there to protect your information. Third parties won’t be able to access your data – even if your smartphone gets lost, there won’t be anything to find there.


Always keep an eye on everything

The app gives you an overview of which keys have been used to access which room at what time. A way for private households to check, for example, if the daughter came home on time last night.

Control, no matter where you are.

With blueCompact, it's the tiny details which make life so much easier. For instance, with a solution which enables remote locking authorisations. If you have an emergency key with your neighbour, you can simply grant this neighbour authorisation for access to your premises for a definable period of time using the master keys and app.


Simple system, easily explained.

blueCompact was primarily developed to meet the specific requirements of a user-friendly locking system. Of course, we don’t leave you all by yourself with this wide range of functions. A tutorial integrated in the app guides you step by step through the initial installation and can be accessed again at any time as needed.

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The wall reader: Program tasks flexibly.

Now you can integrate motorised doors, gates or barriers, indoors or outdoors, easily in your locking system – the new blueCompact wall reader makes it possible. With its clever features, you will have even more design freedom for access control on your premises.

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Creating and managing time profiles

blueCompact allows its users to configure the locking authorisations for each individual key individually in terms of time as required. These time profiles can include whole days or just specific hours on a weekday. The clear display of the locking plan in the blueCompact app enables intuitive operation.

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“Thanks to blueCompact, we have the flexibility we need. One lost key no longer means high costs.”

Müller family

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blueCompact for comparison

blueCompact offers you a complete all-round carefree package so you can feel secure around the clock!

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Our solution for companies

blueSmart is an intelligent locking system that is convenient for management of complex building structures. It innovatively combines the advantages of offline and online solutions with the benefit of virtual networking of locking systems, can be expanded dynamically and reacts flexibly to your individual requirements.

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