More security.
More flexibility.

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The right cylinder for almost every application

Thanks to the wide selection of cylinder models, you’ll be well-equipped for practically any type of door. If necessary, you can adapt the locking system to your spatial conditions and expand it by up to 25 cylinders or readers.


blueCompact locking cylinders

The cylinders dependably secure the doors to your building. An integrated time function allows them to save the last 2,000 locking events with data and time and automatically transfer them to the system.


Double cylinder

A cylinder for standard interior doors which have to be closed electronically from both sides in a controlled fashion.


Knob cylinder

This cylinder is well-suited for standard interior doors which have to be closed electronically from one side in a controlled fashion. At the same time, the mechanical knob is always ready to close.


Double cylinder

The cylinder is suitable for use in highly frequented exterior and interior doors which are to be closed electronically from both sides in a controlled manner (such as garden doors and gates).


Single cylinder

The electronically controllable cylinder for indoor use to organise key switches, switch devices, elevator switches and escape terminals.



The electronically controlled lock offers reliable protection for use in medicine cabinets, file cabinets or containers and logs all locking processes with data and time.


One battery,
six years of operation.

The cylinders draw the energy for all locking events from a replaceable battery. It lasts for up to 6-10 years, depending on the cylinder type, and can be changed quickly if necessary. You can tell the battery is low if there’s a slight delay in opening. However, you can still open your doors with your Masterkey.


Easy installation and administration

blueCompact is made up of impressively user-friendly components: The cylinders feature the same shape as conventional locking cylinders, so they generally can be fitted without the help of a technician. The flexible locking system can be extended to include up to 99 keys and 25 cylinders or readers. You can also simply take the whole system with you when you relocate.


blueCompact cylinders

Find out about all your options now and assemble the right components for your system.

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