More colour.
More control.

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Form follows function

Cumbersome chip cards are a thing of the past. The blueCompact locking system is thought through down to the tiniest detail, and very easy to handle. In familiar key shape, it gives you an easy way to live more safely. 

Locking authorisations can be granted remotely – even for temporary periods of time, simply via the app and master key.






The brain of blueCompact.
The Masterkey

The Masterkey is, so to speak, the bright mind behind the blueCompact, which saves and manages all of the data for you. Your changes, such as key authorisations, are sent directly to the corresponding cylinders by way of the Masterkey. As the most important element of your locking system, the Masterkey is already included in your starter box.


The key for worst-case scenarios

blueCompact is also there for you in emergencies: It doesn’t matter if the battery in your cylinder is dead or you’ve lost your Masterkey – you always have a spare key to fall back on. This can be activated quickly and easily via remote authorisation (e.g. if it was left with a neighbour).


blueCompact keys

Now put together your own individual key set with your own colour concept for your system.